Business Groups

Waterloo Bathroom is one of the few client focussed suppliers of plumbing and construction related products and services. We serve an array of markets within the construction sector, offering broad capabilities to meet each of our customers’ specific needs. Waterloo Bathrooms is committed to your professional business and ensuring your success. Whether your focus is residential plumbing, remodelling, waterworks, hospitality and facilities maintenance, commercial, mechanical, government or industrial, Waterloo Bathrooms’ attention to detail and service are unmatched.

Learn more about how we serve each of our business groups.


Whether you’re a plumbing contractor, remodelled (renovator) or designer, Waterloo Bathrooms offers the best of both worlds – small business attentive service, combined with large business discount and convenience benefits.

Hospitality & Facilities Maintenance

We’re a reliable partner, offering fast access to a multitude of major manufacturers’ products with unparalleled fill rates. Our associates have a vast knowledge of regional and national specifications and are a valuable business resource.


Waterloo Bathrooms delivers results for professionals handling commercial and rough plumbing. Our suppliers and manufacturers offer technical assistance on site and commercial finished products.


Waterloo Bathrooms is your top source for industrial projects! We offer products from only the toughest brands in the industry, and offer numerous customised services to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.